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Decal Printing Guide and Services

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If you pay attention, you’ll see decals used for marketing all around you in daily life. You might see large, eye-catching decals on the front window of a store; or the floor of the grocery store aisles. You’ve likely seen decals on laptops, phones, thermoses, water bottles, cars, and more, too. When used correctly, decals are a fantastic medium for advancing your company’s brand recognition and reaching new customers.

Custom vinyl decals come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in many different ways. We’ll discuss all these things throughout the article. We’ll even provide you guidance on the best way to go about finding decal printing services for your business.  

What Is a Decal?

A decal is a decorative piece of promotional material similar to a sticker. Furthermore, decals can affix to walls, floors, vehicles, swag items, and more!

Your business has its own unique brand and using decals can help you promote it. Or, you can use decals for a particular campaign. There are many companies that can help you decal printing with your logo and colors that attract the eyes of your target market; putting your business in the best light. 

What Distinguishes Decals from Stickers?

Couldn’t you just call a decal a sticker? Not exactly. Decals are sometimes considered a type of sticker, and sometimes the terms are used synonymously.

While decals and stickers are similar in that they both offer a way to display decoration or information in an easily transferable way, there are a few differences. Stickers usually have a paper backing on their adhesive side to keep the stickiness active until someone wants to place their sticker. Decals have a backing but also a protective layer on the front that’s meant to be peeled off after the decal is put into position. Some decals are removable, and as they’re commonly made with vinyl, decals are better suited for outdoor use than paper-printed stickers. 

Get Started with Custom Decal Printing

The business world is a tough place to succeed in, no matter what kinds of products and services you sell.

To be the company that stays in your buyers’ minds, you need to get creative with how and where you promote yourself. Using custom vinyl decals is a smart way to highlight your business and what you offer to potential customers. Vinyl decals can be printed in the size and shape you need. In addition, printing decals can include your brand’s color palette and style guide in mind.

Vinyl decals are ideal outdoor applications. This is because they consist of a sturdy material and can withstand weather and temperature fluctuations.

Lastly, you don’t need any special help or tools to install your vinyl decals. Also, decals they can be switched out as needed if you need to promote something new. 

How to Use Decal Printing for Advertising Your Brand or Business

You can leverage decal printing much as you would standard promotional signage, except your options for use are even greater.

Some businesses use decals in their stores front window. However, you can also use them on car doors and windows. Doing so provides a great advantage if you run a mobile- or house-call-based business. Another place, decals can be applied is to the floor of your business. As people navigate the store, their eyes will naturally be drawn by the designs and information on your decals. 

2 Basic Vinyl Decal Options

Regardless of what size and shape you need your decals to be, there are two basic transparency levels of vinyl decal.

  • Opaque decals: These decals are not see-through to any degree and completely obscure anything behind the decal. Use this option if you intentionally want to hide what’s behind the decal. For example, if your store is undergoing construction.
  • Clear decals: As you can guess by the name, are transparent. Beyond the transparency, decals can come in many different colors; from solid to metallic, and multiple finishes, including matte and shiny. 

Vinyl Decal Cut Options 

The cut of your custom vinyl decals refers to how the shape of the decal matches up with its design. For example, die-cut decals are cut exactly to shape. In other words, the edges of the decal match the design with no gap. Die-cut decals can be more expensive due to the difficulty of this cut. On the flip side, a standard cut includes very little customization to the design’s boundaries and is instead printed on a basic shape.

Between these two options, you can pick cloud-cut or clear printing. With clear decal printing, you can expect a more custom look without the price of die-cut. 

Common Vinyl Decal Applications

Vinyl decals are endlessly useful. Some of the main applications of decals can include: 

  • Transportation: Cars, mass transit, professional service vans, etc. 
  • Walls, windows, and floor of your storefront 
  • Front or interior doors of your business
  • Laptops, tote bags, and promotional items
  • So much more

The Best Way to Print Decals

Decals can be designed or printed from home. Nonetheless, working with a company that can help you print them professionally is always an option.

Working with a decal printing company has its benefits. A decal company takes out the time involved in assembling the supplies; such as a cutting machine and printable vinyl, or if you don’t have a printer. 

Decal Printing and Fulfillment Services

If you’re the crafty type, you might be wondering exactly how to make custom decals. With a little bit of effort and the right materials, you can make them yourself. This involves; formatting your designs correctly in the software you’re using, printing them on the correct material, laminating them, and cutting them.

Either way, another option is to work with a third-party logistics (3PL) company with experience in decal printing.

A 3PL is an invaluable partner for any business. This is because they can help you take care of traditional supply chain duties like warehousing and shipping. Additionally, 3PLs are experts in providing other services, including custom packaging, promotional material creation, and more. 

Custom Decal Printing Service with Print Bind Ship

Are you convinced that custom vinyl decals are the versatile, head-turning piece of promotional material you need to share the word about your business?

If so, the experts at Print Bind Ship can manage all your decal printing needs. Plus they’ll be able to help with packaging solutions, shipping, subscription boxes, book printing, and so many more services that are vital to a business’ success. 

Learn more about decal printing and how Print Bind Ship can supply you with the high-quality decals you need. Contact us today to get a 15-minute consultation.

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