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How to Personalize Your Marketing Outreach

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Before you could personalize outreach at scale, truly targeted advertising simply wasn’t possible. Magazine and radio ads can’t advertise to just one person — even if they’re a valuable customer, they’re not that valuable. 

But thanks to website analytics and other user data collection sources, it’s now possible to send personalized content. Individual content outreach through direct mail marketing, from postcards to letters, can be mass-produced while containing targeted messages for specific potential customers. Yes, that even includes that magazine’s loyal subscribers. 

What Is Personalized Content Marketing Outreach?

Personalized content marketing outreach is a sales outreach method that can target small groups  — and even individual people — with targeted marketing campaigns. By collecting user data, it’s possible to tailor an entire marketing experience primarily through automation instead of human grunt work. This is the crux of how to personalize your marketing outreach. Technology allows for the gathering of useful data that can be turned into effective channels of advertising.

How Does Personalized Content Marketing Outreach Work?

Personalized content marketing outreach (PCMO) works by gathering a considerable amount of data. Your website needs to use cookies to gather data on user behavior on your website. Internet protocol (IP) addresses also offer data on customer habits, thanks to the fact that each address is unique. 

Gathering email addresses is another excellent source of data for two reasons. For one, they’re a contact method in and of themselves, and second, they almost always make it easier to find names and addresses. In other words, once you can find someone and understand what they want, you can market to them.

Marketing Outreach: Scale vs. Personalization

Although we’ve been discussing how to personalize your marketing outreach, this doesn’t mean that advertising at scale isn’t effective anymore. Nor does advertising at scale prevent personalization. 

You can do both. Personal messages might convince someone to finally purchase that item in their online shopping cart, while advertising at scale can alert a community to a big event coming up. 

Using a third-party logistics company like Print Bind Ship gives you the flexibility to send messages like, “Jeff, you still have some cool stuff in your shopping cart!” and “Citizens of Jefftown, the county fair is almost here!” With our Mail Genius omnichannel marketing platform, you can gather data quickly and easily from your website to transform anonymous web traffic into sales leads. Then, you can send targeted postcards, letters, books and promotional items to entice them into becoming loyal customers.

5 Steps for Personalizing Your Marketing Outreach

The simplest way to understand how to personalize your marketing outreach is to break it down into steps — five of them, to be exact.

Step 1: Gather Your Customer Data

You will need data on your current and previous customers. While this will be the easiest data to collect, it is not the only necessary data. With Mail Genius, you can generate leads by collecting data on website visitors to get their contact info. 

Because they have had this interaction with you, they’re not cold leads. Mail Genius can show you what products customers have been viewing, adding to wishlists and leaving in their carts as well as which pages they spend the most time on and what users are doing on them.

Step 2: Brainstorm Your Campaign

Once you’ve assembled your customer data, what are you going to do with it? Who are you going to target? You need to identify where your potential customers are in their journey before you can push them through the sales funnel.

With Print Bind Ship, you have tools at your disposal to help develop your strategies. Personalization through messaging and unique promotional items can effectively grab one’s attention, and Print Bind Ship can get a personalized direct mail piece to a consumer within days of them visiting your website.

Step 3: Hone in on Design

To stay true to your brand, Print Bind Ship provides expert designers who can integrate your vision into stunning marketing outreach. From email to postcards to pamphlets and even print-on-demand books, Print Bind Ship knows how to wow customers when they open their mailboxes. Once you know the format you want, we can work with you on the final product that will get sent out.

Step 4: Ship!

You don’t have to handle this part at all, as we take care of the printing, storing, packaging and shipping of your campaigns to your targeted users. Just sit back and know that we’ve got it under control.

Step 5: Test, Track and Measure Performance

Another benefit of Mail Genius is that you can see how your campaign is performing in real time. Are there parts of your campaign that are getting less response than you’d like? You can tweak them immediately so that you can move closer to the ideal messaging for your targeted consumers.

Print Bind Ship and Mail Genius: How to Personalize Your Marketing Outreach the Easy Way

It’s OK if you don’t know the ins and outs of how to use outreach for targeted marketing. We do! With Print Bind Ship and Mail Genius, you get all of our expertise and intelligent omnichannel marketing solutions to reach potential customers digitally and physically through their mailboxes. If you’re ready to stop leaving sales on the table, contact Print Bind Ship today.


How do I personalize my marketing outreach?

The most important factor is collecting data on customer contact information and shopping behavior. Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius gathers customer data and processes it into usable information for direct marketing.

Why is personalization important in marketing?

A personalized message can hit a user at a specific pain point and entice them to become a buyer. By crafting a message that resonates with them personally, a business is much more likely to convert them.

What should your outreach messages try to do?

Connect with potential customers on a personal level to show that your product or service is a solution to a problem, not that you’re just trying to get a sale. The more you can connect with their needs, the more likely they are to buy.

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