How to Send Handwritten Notes to Your Employees

Even when you provide them ample time off and excellent pay, your employees still want to feel appreciated. In other words, your staff needs to know you care.

You could send an email, but those often tend to feel cold. A phone call is nice, but it’s impermanent. Handwritten notes, on the other hand, have the exact personal touch you’re looking for.Print Bind Ship offers handwritten note services that allow you to add an extra layer of personalization at scale. As a business owner, you can make a lasting impression and create a memorable experience for your employees. Get a quote for your project here!

Why People Love Handwritten Notes

While digital communication methods have undoubtedly become the norm, physical notes aren’t as obsolete as you might think. Beautiful handwritten notes show the recipient that time has been invested in supporting their well-being. Letters and cards with genuine, handwritten words can’t be sent out one after another.

Notes have a level of permanence that is impossible to achieve through digital means. Even if the recipient doesn’t keep the note or card for the long term, they can touch it and feel it, which makes its message resonate. Job candidates can also benefit from this personal touch, by sending out thank you notes after their job interviews.

For employees, in particular, there’s another aspect to handwritten notes that won’t go unnoticed, and that’s cost. Handwritten notes cost more than email or other digital notes. When team members see that they’re worth spending a few extra dollars on to receive a personal message, that note makes a greater impact. It can even help foster a supportive and positive company culture. 

Take a look at some of the benefits of handwritten note services, like Print Bind Ship, can offer:


Sending a handwritten note not only allows you to inject your personality into every pen stroke, it also gives you the ability to create something that’s specific to the recipient. Perhaps the front of the card features a picture of the employee at an important function or receiving an award. Having the rest of your staff sign a card with individual messages is also highly appreciated.


If you’ve ever used an email-based greeting card service, you know that choosing an attractive, well-designed and fun card is as simple as clicking on a template and copying and pasting your text. Real notes and cards carry weight to them. Embossed lettering, quality graphics and textured paper feel important. There’s a genuineness to them that something digital — no matter how eye-pleasing — cannot match.


No two handwritten notes will ever be the same. That’s why it’s important to actually handwrite them and not just use a font that looks handwritten. If your employee is moved enough by the note that they pin it to a board next to similar letters, they’ll notice quickly if it’s just a copy of a previous note.

You could also have a designer create in-house, company-specific cards with your branding. These cards could be used on various occasions, but they would be unique and special given that they’re only for your employees and your employees alone.

When to Send Handwritten Notes

People like being recognized. It’s a simple fact. Those who make your business thrive want to feel like they’re not invisible or interacting with a faceless corporation. Handwritten notes for business partners, employees, vendors and clients keep those relationships healthy, and knowing when to send them strengthens them even further.


Foster loyalty among your workers by showing them that their efforts make a difference. An appreciative note doesn’t even necessarily have to be for a specific achievement. You could pick several employees and target them for appreciation notes that amount to a little more than, “I noticed you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work!”

The same holds true for business partners. If you have loyal customers, legal representatives, graphic designers or other important stakeholders you want to continue working alongside, send them a note, and they’ll certainly appreciate it.


Your staff will face difficult life events during their tenure. Illnesses, divorces, deaths in the family and other struggles are inevitable. Handwritten cards for businesses remind team members that they don’t have to suffer alone and act as an important gesture on their road to processing and recovering from a tragedy.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a negative incident that warrants a card. Perhaps an employee just had a baby or their child graduated from college. Being part of their life events, even in this small way, shows that you want them on your team for the long haul.

Improve Morale

As a lasting result of the pandemic, face-to-face interactions between co-workers and higher-ups have dropped dramatically, making personal thank yous that much harder to deliver. But by sending beautiful handwritten notes, leadership can remind staff that they still mattered and made a difference to the organization during such a tumultuous time.

How to Send Handwritten Notes at Scale

If you’re the head of a large company with thousands of employees, it may not be practical to send a large number of handwritten cards yourself. Using a handwritten note service, such as Print Bind Ship, can allow you to create personal messages for valuable staff without it becoming your second full-time job!

The handwritten note service provides genuine handwriting with whatever message you like on a card that can be delivered right to the recipient’s desk or front door – along with a personalized touch! Whether you need handwritten thank you notes for employees and letters of appreciation to customers – we can help you create just the thing!

Get Handwritten Notes At Scale with Print Bind Ship

If you’ve been scratching your head over how to send handwritten notes to your employees, Print Bind Ship is the answer! We are a full-service print-on-demand and order-fulfillment company that also offers personalized handwritten note services. You can show your employees they matter without a huge time investment, and we can get those notes shipped out within 24 hours of ordering. Ready to improve morale and encourage your team? Call Print Bind Ship today!


What are automated handwritten notes?

Automated handwritten notes refer to the process of using artificial intelligence and robotics to replicate human handwriting and generate personalized handwritten notes in large quantities without manual intervention.

What are the benefits of using automated handwritten notes?

Automated handwritten notes provide several advantages, including saving time and effort compared to manually writing each note. They also offer scalability, allowing businesses to produce a high volume of handwritten notes quickly and consistently. Automated notes can convey a personal touch, making recipients feel valued and appreciated.

Should you send handwritten notes for business?

Yes, handwritten notes are an excellent way to foster solid relationships with staff and clients alike. Personalization is a great way to humanize a business and make it more trustworthy.