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Automated Handwritten Notes for Business

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New technology brings new expectations. In the 1990s, the internet went from being an obscure computer term to a service as indispensable as electricity and running water, and businesses had to evolve accordingly.

Along the way, email, instant messaging and social media became some of the best ways to reach consumers. These were new and exciting communication methods, and they seemed ready to replace physical letters and mail.

What no one — even the experts — seemed to realize at the time is that professional handwritten letters capture something digital messaging can’t: a personalized, human touch.

It’s this quality that makes handwritten notes for business so powerful. They stand out among the sea of rote automated messages that tend to flood inboxes and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Handwritten Notes for Your Business Purposes

Establishing relationships with loyal customers is as important as finding new ones. You can send handwritten letters to:

  • Thank customers and clients for big orders
  • Congratulate clients on important milestones or community involvement
  • Follow up a sales pitch
  • Show appreciation for loyal employees, customers and vendors
  • Apologize for mistakes or disappointing service
  • Express gratitude for business referrals

People want to know that their relationship with your business isn’t just transactional — they want to feel like you appreciate what they do.

Personalize Customer Orders

Handwritten notes demonstrate that time and effort went into crafting a package or kit. Statistics show that handwritten notes for business directly result in higher profits. By including such personalized notes in packages, businesses can strengthen their connections with customers.

Target Prospects

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to make cold calls less cold. The same goes for direct mail campaigns. Searching for new customers requires understanding their specific needs.

With a personalized handwritten business letter, you can address pain points and encourage consumers to try your services and products. Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius platform is an excellent way to print handwritten notes that generate increased sales.

Say Thank You

Everyone wants to be recognized for their efforts. Saying “thank you” doesn’t have to be an elaborate display of sentimentality — a simple handwritten note can be enough to display your appreciation to an employee, business partner, client or loyal customer.

Using Handwritten Notes for Enhanced Business Relations

Regardless of the industry you’re in, the time and effort involved in creating handwritten notes for business are practically guaranteed to pay off in numerous ways. Here are just a few.

The Power of Personalization

No one wants to do business with a nameless, faceless corporation. By sending handwritten messages, you can give your business a more intimate human element, showing the recipient that they matter to you as more than a cog in the supply chain machine.

Differentiating Your Business

While writing notes seems like a low-effort tactic, the truth is that most businesses won’t bother to do it. Stand out! Start sending handwritten messages, and you’ll see that it’s a unique approach to building business relationships.

Building Rapport and Loyalty with Customers and Clients

Standardized, template-based letters are transparent in their impersonal nature. A handwritten note tells the recipient you took valuable time to craft a message just for them.

Which company would you patronize: the one that never bothers thanking you for your business and seems indifferent to your pivotal role in its success or the one that regularly sends personalized letters of appreciation? Not a hard choice, if you ask us.

How to Send Handwritten Notes to Customers and Prospects

If you’re having trouble getting started, it may help to research some handwritten note ideas. Just remember that an imperfect note is better than no note at all.

1. Write Your Text

Start by developing your note’s message. You’ll find all sorts of useful templates online if you need direction on message length, phrasing or tone. 

2. Send Your Files to Print Bind Ship

If you’re using Print Bind Ship’s Mail Genius direct mail service, send your text to us in Excel file form. Once we have the message text for your handwritten notes for business, we’ll go to work printing them.

3. Sit Back and Watch Your Files Print

We’ll print and deliver your notes to your customers, employees, business partners, vendors or whoever you want to send them to. We can even add individualized messages to your customers’ orders.

The process couldn’t be easier. Print Bind Ship does all the hard work while you reap the benefits of sending out personalized handwritten notes.

Choose PBS for Printing Handwritten Notes for Your Business

Consumers want companies to care. Employees want to work for businesses that appreciate them. Vendors and business partners like being appreciated. By sending handwritten notes, you can make everyone’s day.

If you’re worried that you’ll be doing nothing but writing notes from now on, don’t worry — Mail Genius uses clever robotics technology to simulate handwritten notes by the hundreds, meaning you can create personalized messages without having to go to the trouble of writing them yourself.

Contact us today to get started.


How do handwritten notes benefit my business?

Adding a personal touch to your business communications fosters loyalty and future business. Digital communication doesn’t make the same impression because of its detached nature.

When is the best time to send a handwritten note?

Handwritten notes are intended to keep you and your business top of mind. Following up a meeting, acknowledging special achievements or thanking customers for large purchases demonstrates that you’re grateful for other people’s contributions.

What kind of paper should I use for my handwritten notes?

Go with a heavy, high-quality, acid-free paper that will withstand the stresses of delivery and remain in good condition without fading or yellowing.

How do I write an effective handwritten note?

Eschew extraneous or needlessly florid verbiage — just pen a straightforward, genuine message with a clear purpose. Make sure your handwriting is legible.

Are there any additional benefits to handwriting notes beyond business purposes?

For the writer, crafting notes by hand can aid cognitive function and memory retention. For the recipient, it’s an excellent mood booster.

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