Package Design Templates

Packaging design might seem trivial at first. After all, isn’t it the product inside that matters most? 

There’s no doubt that the quality of the product is paramount, but given that most customers’ first impression of a product is the packaging, it pays to make sure that it’s as attractive as possible.

Product box designs that grab the attention of consumers are the result of careful studying and plenty of refinements. If you’re not sure how to achieve a stunning packaging design layout, you might want to rely on package design templates to get you started.

Where to Find Package Design Templates

Thankfully, it’s the 21st century, and the internet will connect you with sources for templates and template designers.

Search Online

Start by Google searching for “packaging design templates.” 

Skip past the “Ad” links  — those are from companies who paid to be in the results and may or may not be what you want — and be aware that it’s likely you may have to pay to implement your precise ideas. 

Any free designs you may find will usually be fairly mundane. They’re often easily identified because they have to be usable in vastly disparate industries, so avoid them unless you find a design you believe is perfect.

Work with a Designer

When in doubt, hire an expert! Whether you go to freelance sites like Fiverr or reach out to an established graphic designer is up to you, but either way, a good designer will be able to transfer your vision to reality and possibly even improve upon it.

Create Your Own

You may be handy with Photoshop and other design software, so why not consider coming up with your own box packaging design? As long as you have the right dimensions and use proper file types, you can take your design to a printer and have it printed onto your packaging without any trouble.

Print Bind Ship

There’s a great benefit to having a single source handling all of your needs. At Print Bind Ship, we have brilliant in-house designers who can make stunning packaging artwork or supply you with templates to choose from, or you can get anything in between!

What to Consider When Choosing Package Design Templates

Not all templates will work for all packages, so you’ll need to consider what your package is going to look like before you settle on a template!


Choose your materials wisely. They vary considerably in cost, strength, their ability to keep products fresh, and other factors that can severely impact your bottom line. 

From there, you need to consider your customers. Do they want sustainable packaging? If they do, you could lose business if your packaging is seen as harmful to the environment. Do they expect a certain experience? Luxury products need to look expensive with metallic finishes, form-fitted foam and plastic, and glamorous unboxing experiences. More pedestrian products can get away with simpler, thinner materials.


Your brand and its messaging must be consistent across all packaging — including colors, fonts, and overall design — so that customers know what to expect. You also need to communicate applicable warnings, ingredients, and instructions, which sometimes means you’ll have to consider supplemental materials like pamphlets and guides.


Keep your messaging simple. Your design will ideally catch peoples’ eyes instantly, but your words will have to convey information just as quickly. If consumers have to concentrate too long to read your product box designs, they may put them down and walk away.

Design Quality

No matter what the product is, its packaging design must be cohesive and give a feeling of quality. Even cheap products don’t necessarily need to feel cheap. The product must be well-protected and look like something anyone would want to purchase.


Don’t use more materials than you need. Businesses are always looking for ways to make sure they are saving money, and packaging is an excellent place to do so. If there’s padding where it doesn’t need to be, get rid of it. If there is printing in a place the customer will never see, don’t print there. Be wise with your packaging design so you can ultimately spend less!

Print Bind Ship for Package Design Templates

We can provide you with templates to give you a huge variety of choices for your packaging! While we love designing bespoke solutions, we know that sometimes, you need to browse.


If you find a template that’s close to what you want, we can give it the push it needs to cover the final few percent and be perfect for you. The best part is that we can make sure the final design is truly unique, so no one will ever suspect it started life as a template.

All-in-One Solution

Print Bind Ship has the design team to make your packaging concept look stunning. We can take that artwork and bring it to life with custom packaging solutions. Finally, we can pack and ship your products in your custom packaging to customers’ doorsteps. You get satisfying order fulfillment without having to lift a finger.

Expert Guidance

We work with businesses like yours around the world every day, so we’ve seen what works in the market and what doesn’t! Your design is ultimately yours and you get the final say, but we’re happy to offer direction should you need it.

When You Want Stunning Package Designs, Go to the Packaging Experts at Print Bind Ship 

You can browse online for package design templates and perhaps run across one you like, but you can make the search simple by going with Print Bind Ship! 

When your customers see your packaging, they’ll see the quality and an appealing design, and their unboxing will be an experience! 

If you want to cut out the retail middleman, we’re here to help do that, too. With our print-on-demand services and order fulfillment, you can get products delivered around the world and shipped out within 24 hours. Ready to stun your customers? Contact Print Bind Ship today!


How Do I Design My Product Packaging?

You can search online for package design templates, hire a professional to provide a design, or you can use editing software to design your own.

What Makes a Good Product Packaging Design?

The design must represent the brand accurately, entice customers with compelling graphics, and accurately communicate the information they need.

What Software Can Be Used to Design a Product Package?

You can rely on standbys such as Photoshop and Illustrator, though there are 3D package design software products as well, such as Esko Studio.